Daniela Drtinová : Le regard de l’intervieweuse

“ I think that journalists could be more innovative and less lazy in the moment of choice of expert. You can find some woman expert in every field.”

Daniela Drtinová is a Czech journalist and anchor of the private online television called DVTV. She used to work in the Czech television (ČT) for 21 years. She participated on several publicistic programmes in ČT (Interview ČT24, Události, komentáře) and also had her own programme called Interview Daniely Drtinové.

After her leaving from the Czech television she set up new television project DVTV with old colleagues from ČT which is focused on actual affairs in the Czech Republic. They make interviews with politicians and experts as well as reportages about current issues.

We chose to make an interview with Drtinová as she is one of the best and most famous woman journalists in the Czech Republic. She has experiences from both media sector – public service and private so we considered her to be the right person to talk about woman expert´s figure in the Czech media. She acquainted us with the way they choose experts for interviews and emphasized the editor´s power of final choice.


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