Lenka Vochocová : Le regard par le genre

“ Another question is if sex, this biological difference, might be factor that leads us to specific expert if we should look specifically for female expert. Why? Is it really sex that determines our position and our opinion and expertise? ”

Lenka Vochocová is a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Media Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague. She is focusing on gender media studies, political economy of communication and public sphere theory. She did a research about the opinion of journalists on gender issues.

She was cooperating with several non-governmental organisations which are fighting against discrimination of different social groups. We chose Vochocová because of all her activities are connected to gender and diversity issues. And she lived up to our expectations because we gained complex picture about the problem of representation of women in media contents. She confirmed that for media it is easier to have a list of experts who can call if they need. ´But they could try more I think´ she confirmed. According to her it is more and more complicated to change this practice because of lack of resources in journalism. People try to save money, energy and time. But she brought up a question if sex determines our position, opinion and expertise.


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